Error List

The following are all the errors defined.

Value Constant Description
-10000 DBRERR_UNKNOWN Unknown error
-10001 DBRERR_NOMEMORY Not enough memory
-10002 DBRERR_NULL_POINTER Point is null
-10003 DBRERR_LICENSE_INVALID License is invalid
-10004 DBRERR_LICENSE_EXPIRED License is expired
-10005 DBRERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND The file to decode is not found
-10006 DBRERR_FILETYPE_NOT_SUPPORT The file type to decode is not supported
-10007 DBRERR_BPP_NOT_SUPPORT The BPP is not supported
-10008 DBRERR_INDEX_INVALID Index is invalid
-10009 DBRERR_BARCODE_FORMAT_INVALID Barcode format is invalid
-10010 DBRERR_CUSTOM_REGION_INVALID Barcode custom regoin to decode is invalid
-10011 DBRERR_MAX_BARCODE_NUMBER_INVALID The maximum barcode number is invalid
-10012 DBRERR_IMAGE_READ_FAIL Read image fails
-10013 DBRERR_TIFF_READ_FAIL Read TIFF type image fails
-10014 DBRERR_FULL_USE_TRIAL_LICENSE You are running a full version but the license is for trial version. Please input your full license instead.
-10015 DBRERR_TRIAL_USE_FULL_LICENSE You are running a trial version but the license is for full version. Please install a full version of Barcode Reader.
-10016 DBRERR_QR_LICENSE_INVALID You do not have a valid QR Barcode license.
-10017 DBRERR_1D_LICENSE_INVALID You do not have a valid 1D Barcode license.
-10019 DBRERR_PDF417_LICENSE_INVALID You do not have a valid PDF417 barcode license.
-10020 DBRERR_DATAMATRIX_LICENSE_INVALID You do not have a valid DATAMATRIX barcode license.
-10021 DBRERR_PDF_READ_FAIL PDF file read failed.