BarcodeResult Struct

Store the barcode type, content, ranges, etc.


typedef struct tagBarcodeResult {
    __int64 llFormat;
    char* pBarcodeData;
    int iBarcodeDataLength;
    int iLeft;
    int iTop;
    int iWidth;
    int iHeight;
    int iX1;
    int iY1;
    int iX2;
    int iY2;
    int iX3;
    int iY3;
    int iX4;
    int iY4;
    int iPageNum;
} BarcodeResult, *pBarcodeResult;


llFormat pBarcodeData iBarcodeDataLength iLeft iTop iWidth iHeight iX1 iY1 iX2 iY2 iX3 iY3 iX4 iY4 iPageNum


The BarcodeResult struct represents the related barcode results, including type, content, ranges, etc.


BarcodeResultArray *paryResult = NULL;
BarcodeResult *pResult = NULL;

int iCount = paryResult->iBarcodeCount;
for(int i = 0; i < iCount; ++i)
    pResult = paryResult->ppBarcodes[i];
	printf("%d: %s\n", i, pResult->pBarcodeData);

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