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Getting Started with Dynamsoft Cloud Scan


Dynamsoft Cloud Scan (DCS) enables any app (web, mobile and desktop) to scan documents from any cloud-connected scanners. This page provides an overview of DCS.

What is Dynamsoft Cloud Scan?

Dynamsoft Cloud Scan aims to eliminate the need for drivers and physical connections. It brings full-featured scanning to mobile and web-based applications.

With the Cloud Scan service, apps no longer rely on the local operating system. Here is the diagram about how Dynamsoft Cloud Scan works.


Basic Steps

1. Create a new DCS account.

2. Sign in to DCS and add a new cloud scanner. If there is no scanner available, download scanner registration installer (only for Windows) to turn your physical scanner into a node of scanner cloud.

3. Choose a scanner and click the scanner button.

4. Check the progress in scan job.

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