Dynamsoft OCR Engine

An optical character recognition engine which converts scanned images or PDF files into text

Dynamsoft's OCR Basic Module

Dynamsoft OCR is a fast and robust Optical Character Recognition SDK (OCR SDK) built on top of the Tesseract engine. It can OCR documents in different languages and convert any image-based text to searchable or edit-able PDF/text content.

Note: If you are looking for an OCR solution with more language support, better accuracy and faster speed, please take a look at Dynamsoft's OCR Professional.

Dynamsoft OCR can be embedded into web and .NET applications. Developers can either use the OCR engine standalone or as a plug-in for integration into a larger, custom image acquisition and recognition systems. Following are several samples which showcase possible usage scenarios.

Web application:

Scan documents from a browser and perform server-side OCR

Server-side online demo

Web application:

Scan documents from a browser and perform client-side OCR

Client-side online demo

.NET Desktop Application:

Scan documents and perform OCR

View WinForms and WPF Samples


  • Supports broad types of languages: English, French, Dutch
  • 32-bit and 64-bit OCR binaries
  • Convert OCR output to searchable or edit-able PDF files or text
  • OCR hand-written documents
  • Keeps the original image/document layout and fonts
  • Supports multithread processing to run OCR with high performance
  • Detects and retrieves the font, color, size of text
  • Recognizes files with mixed image and text
  • Text over image technology supports high image compression and reduces the size of PDF files.

Interested in adding OCR to your Web Application?

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